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Winter Is Coming Winter Is Coming

Release Date: 08 Dec 2017

Expiry Date: 11 Feb 2018

#1 Date: 18 Dec 2017

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Estimated cost:ϕ360 tickets



Winter Is Coming Feat1000

« Great job! You've worked hard fixing up your den and collecting all the food necessary for the coming winter. Here's one more tasty item to add to your secret stash--a brand new Feat card! Just don't forget where you hid it! »

« It's the busiest time of year for our animal friends! There is food to be collected, coats to be groomed, nests to be made, and escape routes to be established! Help them as they prepare for the coming hardships of winter in this beautifully-illustrated new set! »

ArtistArt by CA Ronquillo

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Order  Order: Card points | Card name

Furtive Fox Furtive Fox
10000 points
Recipe - Cost: 90 tickets Hungry Hedgehog Recipe + Burly Bears Premium Ticket Markets + Fall Flowers  Hungry Hedgehog Burly Bears Fall Flowers
Hungry Hedgehog Hungry Hedgehog
8500 points
Recipe - Cost: 50 tickets Cheeky Chipmunk Recipe + 2 x Tasty Toadstools  Cheeky Chipmunk Tasty Toadstools Tasty Toadstools
Feisty Pheasant Feisty Pheasant
7000 points
Recipe Beautiful Berries  + Flying Flock Recipe + Scrumptious Seeds  Beautiful Berries Flying Flock Scrumptious Seeds
Cheeky Chipmunk Cheeky Chipmunk
6000 points
Recipe - Cost: 50 tickets Sprightly Squirrel Recipe + 2 x Wild Walnuts Premium Ticket Markets Sprightly Squirrel Wild Walnuts Wild Walnuts
Sprightly Squirrel Sprightly Squirrel
5000 points
Recipe Fall Flowers  + Secret Stash  + Appetizing Acorns  Fall Flowers Secret Stash Appetizing Acorns
Solitary Stag Solitary Stag
4000 points
Recipe - Cost: 25 tickets Beautiful Berries  + Scrumptious Seeds  + Wild Walnuts Premium Ticket Markets Beautiful Berries Scrumptious Seeds Wild Walnuts
Seasonal Slumber Seasonal Slumber
3000 points
Recipe - Cost: 80 tickets 2 x Burly Bears Premium Ticket Markets + Secret Stash  Burly Bears Burly Bears Secret Stash
Hardworking Hive Hardworking Hive
2000 points
Recipe 2 x Lethargic Ladybugs  + Fall Flowers  Lethargic Ladybugs Lethargic Ladybugs Fall Flowers
Flying Flock Flying Flock
1000 points
Recipe Nesting Necessities Premium Ticket Markets + 2 x Jolly Jay  Nesting Necessities Jolly Jay Jolly Jay
Wild Walnuts Wild Walnuts
900 points
Premium Ticket Markets 25 tickets in Dubai
Needed 10 needed
Fall Flowers Fall Flowers
800 points
Needed 9 needed
Beautiful Berries Beautiful Berries
700 points
Needed 3 needed
Lethargic Ladybugs Lethargic Ladybugs
600 points
Needed 3 needed
Tasty Toadstools Tasty Toadstools
525 points
Needed 7 needed
Secret Stash Secret Stash
450 points
Needed 7 needed
Scrumptious Seeds Scrumptious Seeds
375 points
Needed 3 needed
Nesting Necessities Nesting Necessities
300 points
Premium Ticket Markets 15 tickets in Dubai
Needed 3 needed
Jolly Jay Jolly Jay
250 points
Needed 5 needed
Burly Bears Burly Bears
175 points
Premium Ticket Markets 40 tickets in Dubai
Needed 5 needed
Appetizing Acorns Appetizing Acorns
100 points
Needed 6 needed

ϕ Please note that if cards are not currently available in one of the markets then the current collection cost will only reflect those that are, and thus may not be accurate.

* See the related collection page for other cards and recipes not included in this collection.


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