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900th 900th

Release Date: 11 Nov 2022

#1 Date: 07 Feb 2023

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Total cost:ϕ775 tickets



900th Feat1000

« Superbly done, 900th Rat! This collection was no easy task, but you persevered, were patient, and managed to collect all 15 cards! Congratulations on Feating PackRat's latest milestone collection--here's to the next 900! »

« With the release of this special milestone set, PackRat now has 900 collections and almost 15,000 cards in the game! Featuring re-imagined art from 15 of the first collections published in PackRat, this set bridges almost 15 years of game history! Good luck! »

ArtistArt by CA Ronquillo

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Safari Kingdom Safari Kingdom
10000 points
Moved Manually added (click on the image to see price history). Needed 1 needed
Urban Hipster Urban Hipster
7500 points
Recipe Urban Hipster, 2nd Ed. Rootkit Standard Markets + Hipsteria Holden Recipe + From Bean to Cup Espresso Machine Recipe Urban Hipster, 2nd Ed. - Rootkit Hipsteria - Holden From Bean to Cup - Espresso Machine
Tiki Island Tiki Island
5000 points
Recipe Return to Tiki Island Baby Humpback Whale Recipe + Pangea Patrol Ominous Volcano Standard Markets + Adventures Of Sinbad Mysterious Island Standard Markets Return to Tiki Island - Baby Humpback Whale Pangea Patrol - Ominous Volcano Adventures Of Sinbad - Mysterious Island
The Bee's Knees The Bee's Knees
3000 points
Recipe - Cost: 30 tickets The Bee's Knees, 2nd Ed. Queen Bee Recipe + Winter Is Coming Hardworking Hive Recipe + Wings Bumblebee Wings Standard Markets The Bee's Knees, 2nd Ed. - Queen Bee Winter Is Coming - Hardworking Hive Wings - Bumblebee Wings
Supermassive Black Hole Supermassive Black Hole
2000 points
Recipe - Cost: 135 tickets Supermassive Black Hole, 2nd Ed. Red Rocket Premium Ticket Markets + Celestial Bodies Black Hole Recipe + The Wonders of Space M87 Black Hole Recipe Supermassive Black Hole, 2nd Ed. - Red Rocket Celestial Bodies - Black Hole The Wonders of Space - M87 Black Hole
Sugar Rush Sugar Rush
1000 points
Recipe - Cost: 30 tickets Sugar Rush, 2nd Ed. Chocolate Chip Cookie Standard Markets + I Dream of Candy Lollipopolis Recipe + Let Them Eat Cake Red Velvet Recipe Sugar Rush, 2nd Ed. - Chocolate Chip Cookie I Dream of Candy - Lollipopolis Let Them Eat Cake - Red Velvet
Oh The Drama Oh The Drama
900 points
Recipe - Cost: 70 tickets Oh the Drama, 2nd Ed. Red Carpet Recipe + Plushies R Us Oscar The Chihuahua Recipe + Purse Party The Girly Girl Recipe Oh the Drama, 2nd Ed. - Red Carpet Plushies R Us - Oscar The Chihuahua Purse Party - The Girly Girl
Ninja Dawn Ninja Dawn
800 points
Recipe - Cost: 35 tickets Ninja Twilight Shadow Ninja Recipe + Ninja Dawn, 2nd Ed. Ninja Hiroshi Recipe + Raccoon Ninjas Moonlit Leap Recipe Ninja Twilight - Shadow Ninja Ninja Dawn, 2nd Ed. - Ninja Hiroshi Raccoon Ninjas - Moonlit Leap
Hightail Zoo Hightail Zoo
700 points
Recipe - Cost: 290 tickets Toys Toys Toys, 2nd Ed. Electric Train Recipe + Hightail Zoo, 2nd Ed. Jiya the Tiger Recipe + Winter Specialists Siberian Tiger Recipe Toys Toys Toys, 2nd Ed. - Electric Train Hightail Zoo, 2nd Ed. - Jiya the Tiger Winter Specialists - Siberian Tiger
High Seas Rivalry High Seas Rivalry
600 points
Recipe - Cost: 65 tickets High Seas Century Krakenech Recipe + High Seas Rivalry, 2nd Ed. Ancient Terror Recipe + High Seas Rivalry, 2nd Ed. Pirate Ship Recipe High Seas Century - Krakenech High Seas Rivalry, 2nd Ed. - Ancient Terror High Seas Rivalry, 2nd Ed. - Pirate Ship
Full Throttle Full Throttle
500 points
Recipe - Cost: 120 tickets Full Throttle, 2nd Ed. Jetpack Recipe + Flight of Fancy Rocketeering Recipe + I Believe I Can Fly Jetpack Recipe Full Throttle, 2nd Ed. - Jetpack Flight of Fancy - Rocketeering I Believe I Can Fly - Jetpack
Collezioni La Soul Collezioni La Soul
400 points
Recipe Collezioni La Soul, 2nd Ed. Tootsie Soul Recipe + The Big Apple Designer Shoes Standard Markets + New York Kitty Kitten Heels Standard Markets Collezioni La Soul, 2nd Ed. - Tootsie Soul The Big Apple - Designer Shoes New York Kitty - Kitten Heels
Cimarron Canyon Cimarron Canyon
300 points
Recipe Cimarron Canyon, 2nd Ed. Pony Recipe + A Trek Through National Parks Bryce Canyon (UT) Recipe + Gold Rush Headed West Standard Markets Cimarron Canyon, 2nd Ed. - Pony A Trek Through National Parks - Bryce Canyon (UT) Gold Rush - Headed West
Best in Show Best in Show
200 points
Recipe Best in Show, 2nd Ed. Best in Show Trophy Standard Markets + Summer Olympics 2012, Mash The Podium Recipe + State Fair Blue Ribbon Recipe Best in Show, 2nd Ed. - Best in Show Trophy Summer Olympics 2012, Mash - The Podium State Fair - Blue Ribbon
Arctic Adventure Arctic Adventure
100 points
Recipe Arctic Adventure, 2nd Ed. Frozen Castle Recipe + Snow Globes Fairy Tale Snow Standard Markets + How to Build a Snowman Snow Castle Recipe Arctic Adventure, 2nd Ed. - Frozen Castle Snow Globes - Fairy Tale Snow How to Build a Snowman - Snow Castle

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