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700th 700th

Release Date: 09 Aug 2019

#1 Date: 15 Nov 2019

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Total cost:ϕ1905 tickets



700th Feat1000

« A very well-deserved congratulations to you, PackRatter! You've completed one of the hardest collections in the game! Here's to the next 100 sets, and a bright PackRat future! »

« A very special milestone set to mark our 700th collection and the ongoing rebuild of PackRat on a new, Flash-free platform! Here’s to the future! »

ArtistArt by CA Ronquillo

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A New Day In PackRat A New Day In PackRat
10000 points
Recipe - Cost: 425 tickets Blockbuster Rats Rat To The Future Recipe + Homophones Gnus News Recipe + Music Fest Rock On! Recipe Blockbuster Rats - Rat To The Future Homophones - Gnus News Music Fest - Rock On!
Push To Live Push To Live
7500 points
Recipe - Cost: 30 tickets The Mad Scientist It's Alive Recipe + Arcade '80 Control Buttons Recipe + Summer Olympics 2012, Mash Celebration Recipe The Mad Scientist - It's Alive Arcade '80 - Control Buttons Summer Olympics 2012, Mash - Celebration
Beta Testing Beta Testing
5000 points
Recipe Barnyard Ruckus Test Flight Recipe + Pet Shop Betta Motel Recipe + Rock Band Golden Download Standard Markets Barnyard Ruckus - Test Flight Pet Shop - Betta Motel Rock Band - Golden Download
Rubber Duck Debugging Rubber Duck Debugging
4000 points
Recipe - Cost: 325 tickets Fun Bugs Bug Spray Standard Markets + The Giants Giant Rubber Duck Recipe + Sugar Bowls Decoder Ring Recipe Fun Bugs - Bug Spray The Giants - Giant Rubber Duck Sugar Bowls - Decoder Ring
Eager PackRatters Eager PackRatters
3000 points
Recipe - Cost: 35 tickets Hook Learning Eager Learners Recipe + Emotional Baggage Anticipation Recipe + Raccoon Ninjas Patiently Waiting Premium Ticket Markets Hook Learning - Eager Learners Emotional Baggage - Anticipation Raccoon Ninjas - Patiently Waiting
Project Manager Project Manager
2000 points
Recipe PackRat Ice Cream Shoppe Morris the Manager Recipe + Behind the Scenes The Director Recipe + Big Band Bandleader Recipe PackRat Ice Cream Shoppe - Morris the Manager Behind the Scenes - The Director Big Band - Bandleader
Code Monkey Code Monkey
1000 points
Recipe - Cost: 150 tickets The Great Server Upgrade of 2012 Weary Devs Recipe + Busk Stop Trained Monkey Recipe + Cyberpunk Code Recipe The Great Server Upgrade of 2012 - Weary Devs Busk Stop - Trained Monkey Cyberpunk - Code
Team Meeting Team Meeting
900 points
Recipe - Cost: 65 tickets Back to School: Retro Style Screechy Chalkboard Recipe + Nine To Five Office Gossip Recipe + Convenience Cuisine Cheese Pizza Recipe Back to School: Retro Style - Screechy Chalkboard Nine To Five - Office Gossip Convenience Cuisine - Cheese Pizza
Quality Assurance Quality Assurance
750 points
Recipe - Cost: 45 tickets Flagellum Trilogy Superbug Recipe + Fun Bugs Chris the Computer Bug Premium Ticket Markets + Retired Predators Hoop Tester Recipe Flagellum Trilogy - Superbug Fun Bugs - Chris the Computer Bug Retired Predators - Hoop Tester
High-Performance Game Engine High-Performance Game Engine
600 points
Recipe - Cost: 265 tickets Full Throttle Racing Engine Recipe + Pet Shop Hamster Wheel Recipe + Urban Hipster, 2nd Ed. Next Gen Console Recipe Full Throttle - Racing Engine Pet Shop - Hamster Wheel Urban Hipster, 2nd Ed. - Next Gen Console
Bottomless Coffee Bottomless Coffee
500 points
Recipe - Cost: 55 tickets Urban Hipster, 2nd Ed. Espresso Machine Standard Markets + Scratch 'N Sniff: Part Deux Espresso Recipe + Voyage Through Vietnam Filter Coffee Recipe Urban Hipster, 2nd Ed. - Espresso Machine Scratch 'N Sniff: Part Deux - Espresso Voyage Through Vietnam - Filter Coffee
404: Card Not Found 404: Card Not Found
404 points
Recipe - Cost: 95 tickets Abracadabra! Card Trick Standard Markets + Mr. Whiskers Jigsaw The Missing Link Recipe + A Boxful of Surprises Riddles Recipe Abracadabra! - Card Trick Mr. Whiskers Jigsaw - The Missing Link A Boxful of Surprises - Riddles
Web Browsers Web Browsers
300 points
Recipe - Cost: 255 tickets Meme-O-Rama Interwebs Portal Standard Markets + Owl Story Internet Owl Recipe + Winter Is Coming Furtive Fox Recipe Meme-O-Rama - Interwebs Portal Owl Story - Internet Owl Winter Is Coming - Furtive Fox
Death Of Flash Death Of Flash
200 points
Recipe - Cost: 85 tickets Doomsday Horseman of Death Standard Markets + Cheese Quest Death by Cheese Recipe + Owl Story Death from Above Recipe Doomsday - Horseman of Death Cheese Quest - Death by Cheese Owl Story - Death from Above
Frozen Flash Frozen Flash
100 points
Recipe - Cost: 75 tickets Warbirds Crash and Burn Recipe + Arctic Snowball Fight, 2nd Ed. Frozen Comm Center Standard Markets + Mimi's Dance Lesson Flash Recipe Warbirds - Crash and Burn Arctic Snowball Fight, 2nd Ed. - Frozen Comm Center Mimi's Dance Lesson - Flash

ϕ Please note that if cards are not currently available in one of the markets then the current collection cost will only reflect those that are, and thus may not be accurate.

* See the related collection page for other cards and recipes not included in this collection.


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Flower Power Fri 15 Jan 21
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Three-Leaf Clover Fri 15 Jan 21
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Sherpa Guide Fri 15 Jan 21
Release type: Premium Ticket Markets The Summit Sherpa Guide (1000)

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