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Card Market Price Tracked   Card Market Price Tracked
Paradox Year Of The Ox Paradox Dubai 30 tickets 1 hr ago   Equinox Year Of The Ox Equinox Dubai 30 tickets 7 mins ago
Hermit Crab Animals With Armor Hermit Crab Sydney 20 tickets now   Attacking Werewolf Werewolf vs. Sheep Attacking Werewolf Rio De Janeiro 100 credits now
Chatterbox Year Of The Ox Chatterbox Dubai 20 tickets within the hour   Zerox Year Of The Ox Zerox Dubai 15 tickets 7 mins ago
Detox Year Of The Ox Detox Dubai 25 tickets now   Navigator Go Go Gowalla Navigator Dubai 60 tickets today
Mardi Gras Flag Mardi Gras Mardi Gras Flag Dubai 65 tickets today   Length of Rope Whodunit? Length of Rope Dubai 65 tickets today
Golden Candlestick Whodunit? Golden Candlestick Dubai 65 tickets today   Mr. Bobo the Fraternal Monkey Refrigerator Artist Mr. Bobo the Fraternal Monkey Dubai 115 tickets today
Carbide Lamp Subterranean Odyssey Carbide Lamp Austin 200 credits now   Boris the Cycling Bear The Big Top Boris the Cycling Bear Dubai 60 tickets today
Travel Globe Gowalla U Travel Globe Dubai 55 tickets today   Happy Happy Magic Horsey Refrigerator Artist Happy Happy Magic Horsey Dubai 45 tickets today
Subterranean Lake Subterranean Odyssey Subterranean Lake Singapore 375 credits now   Sheriff Sheep Werewolf vs. Sheep Sheriff Sheep Venice 350 credits now
Armadillo Animals With Armor Armadillo Beijing 10 tickets now   Time Dilation Ratchet Boy Genius Time Dilation Ratchet Dubai 60 tickets 1 hr ago

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