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Temporal Treasure Hunt Temporal Treasure Hunt

Release Date: 07 Jun 2023

Expiry Date: 07 Sep 2023

#1 Date: 17 Aug 2023

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Estimated cost:ϕ435 tickets



Temporal Treasure Hunt Feat1000

« Superbly done, TemporalRat! Your persistence and patience has paid off and you've successfully completed this treasure hunt! Now take a break from collecting and start flipping cards and Feating other sets to replenish your credit totals! »

« Inspired by historical artifacts, film, and literature, the 10 cards in this new set all reference time, but you’ll have to go back in time to past collections to complete it! One card from this set will be published each week, and during that week, the collections required to make it will be available for credits, in a credit market, but they will be hard to acquire! Good luck! »

ArtistArt by CA Ronquillo

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Order  Order: Card points | Card name

Wellsian Time Machine Wellsian Time Machine
10000 points
Recipe - Cost: 80 tickets Out Of The Blue Borrowed Time Machine Standard Markets + Literary Classics The Time Machine Recipe + Cyber Dungeon Flash Drive Key Standard Markets Out Of The Blue - Borrowed Time Machine Literary Classics - The Time Machine Cyber Dungeon - Flash Drive Key
Teslan Plasma Ball Teslan Plasma Ball
9000 points
Recipe Ancient Realms, 2nd Ed. Crystal Ball Standard Markets + Anime Action Hour! Electricity Standard Markets + Serbia Nikola Tesla Recipe Ancient Realms, 2nd Ed. - Crystal Ball Anime Action Hour! - Electricity Serbia - Nikola Tesla
Saturnian Sundial Saturnian Sundial
8000 points
Recipe - Cost: 105 tickets Celestial Bodies Saturn Premium Ticket Markets + Galaxy's Got Talent Saturn The Hoola Hooper Standard Markets + Gnome Sweet Gnome Sundial Sunbathing Recipe Celestial Bodies - Saturn Galaxy's Got Talent - Saturn The Hoola Hooper Gnome Sweet Gnome - Sundial Sunbathing
Rota Fortunae Rota Fortunae
7000 points
Recipe - Cost: 20 tickets Oligopoly Fortune Cards Standard Markets + Ren Faire Vadoma The Fortune Teller Premium Ticket Markets + Tarot The Wheel of Fortune Recipe Oligopoly - Fortune Cards Ren Faire - Vadoma The Fortune Teller Tarot - The Wheel of Fortune
Rambaldi's Clock Rambaldi's Clock
6000 points
Recipe - Cost: 20 tickets Boy Genius, 2nd Ed. Time Dilation Ratchet Standard Markets + Gone Antiquing Mantel Clock Recipe + Renaissance Man Philosopher Recipe Boy Genius, 2nd Ed. - Time Dilation Ratchet Gone Antiquing - Mantel Clock Renaissance Man - Philosopher
Morpheus's Chair Morpheus's Chair
5000 points
Recipe - Cost: 120 tickets Sinister Squad Monsieur Malveillante Standard Markets + Code Red Thinking Chair Recipe + Seats Of Fame Simulated Chair Recipe Sinister Squad - Monsieur Malveillante Code Red - Thinking Chair Seats Of Fame - Simulated Chair
Lorenzetti's Hourglass Lorenzetti's Hourglass
4000 points
Recipe - Cost: 60 tickets Freeze Frame One Hour Photo Standard Markets + Time's Up! Hourglass Recipe + Fashion History 14th C. Renaissance Standard Markets Freeze Frame - One Hour Photo Time's Up! - Hourglass Fashion History - 14th C. Renaissance
Hypatian Astrolabe Hypatian Astrolabe
3000 points
Recipe - Cost: 30 tickets Deep Space Ace Galactic Map Standard Markets + First In Space Telescope Standard Markets + Adventuring Waterproof Compass Recipe Deep Space Ace - Galactic Map First In Space - Telescope Adventuring - Waterproof Compass
Flux Capacitor Flux Capacitor
2000 points
Recipe Wheel Appeal Time Bending Sports Car Recipe + Round and Round Cogs Standard Markets + Engines Clockwork Engine Standard Markets Wheel Appeal - Time Bending Sports Car Round and Round - Cogs Engines - Clockwork Engine
Dagger of Time Dagger of Time
1000 points
Recipe Whodunit? Dagger Standard Markets + The Evil Queen Dagger Standard Markets + Murder Mystery Antique Dagger Standard Markets Whodunit? - Dagger The Evil Queen - Dagger Murder Mystery - Antique Dagger

ϕ Please note that if cards are not currently available in one of the markets then the current collection cost will only reflect those that are, and thus may not be accurate.

* See the related collection page for other cards and recipes not included in this collection.


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