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Packrat Market Tracker - Newest released cards - Page 4


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Card Market Price Tracked   Card Market Price Tracked
Eight Milking Maids The 12 Days of Christmas Eight Milking Maids North Pole 39 tickets today   Tamales and Mole The Day of the Dead Tamales and Mole Rio De Janeiro 250 credits 2 mins ago
The Fool Pitier Ratstaches The Fool Pitier Rio De Janeiro 300 credits now   Garth & Kat Baubleheads Garth & Kat Beijing 25 tickets now
Shady Dealer A PackRatter's Quest Shady Dealer Singapore 375 credits 2 mins ago   Mustachioed Sugar Skull The Day of the Dead Mustachioed Sugar Skull Rio De Janeiro 450 credits 2 mins ago
Painted Bunting Birdwatching Painted Bunting Lizard King 3 tickets 1 day ago   Cockatoo Birdwatching Cockatoo Lizard King 3 tickets 1 day ago
Oriole Birdwatching Oriole Lizard King 4 tickets 1 day ago   Quetzal Birdwatching Quetzal Lizard King 2 tickets 1 day ago
Robin Birdwatching Robin Lizard King 3 tickets 1 day ago    

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