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Packrat Market Tracker - Canine Companions


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Card Market Price Tracked   Card Market Price Tracked
American Staffordshire Terrier Canine Companions American Staffordshire Terrier Dubai 30 tickets 8 mins ago   Australian Cattle Dog Canine Companions Australian Cattle Dog Dubai 25 tickets within the hour
Bearded Collie Canine Companions Bearded Collie Dubai 25 tickets 7 mins ago   Border Collie Canine Companions Border Collie Dubai 40 tickets 11 mins ago
Boxer Canine Companions Boxer Dubai 15 tickets within the hour   Brittany Spaniel Canine Companions Brittany Spaniel Dubai 15 tickets 13 mins ago
Catalan Sheepdog Canine Companions Catalan Sheepdog Dubai 25 tickets 14 mins ago   Chow Chow Canine Companions Chow Chow Dubai 20 tickets 12 mins ago
Dalmatian Canine Companions Dalmatian Dubai 40 tickets 3 mins ago   English Cocker Spaniel Canine Companions English Cocker Spaniel Dubai 35 tickets 12 mins ago
English Setter Canine Companions English Setter Dubai 20 tickets within the hour    

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