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Packrat Market Tracker - Barnyard Ruckus


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Card Market Price Tracked   Card Market Price Tracked
Agnes the Cow Barnyard Ruckus Agnes the Cow Dubai 75 tickets this week   Big Green Combine Barnyard Ruckus Big Green Combine Dubai 100 tickets now
Big Red Barn Barnyard Ruckus Big Red Barn Dubai 95 tickets today   Big Red Barn Barnyard Ruckus Big Red Barn Lightning Market 10 tickets this week
Dirk the Pooch Barnyard Ruckus Dirk the Pooch Dubai 75 tickets today   Farmer Stubbs Barnyard Ruckus Farmer Stubbs Dubai 75 tickets 2 days ago
Growth Hormone Barnyard Ruckus Growth Hormone Dubai 75 tickets today   Javier the Welding Sheep Barnyard Ruckus Javier the Welding Sheep Dubai 75 tickets 2 days ago
Nebraskan Cornfield Barnyard Ruckus Nebraskan Cornfield Dubai 50 tickets today   Pyro the Chicken Barnyard Ruckus Pyro the Chicken Dubai 85 tickets 2 days ago
Scuttles the Rat Barnyard Ruckus Scuttles the Rat Dubai 75 tickets 2 days ago   Wilmington the Pig Barnyard Ruckus Wilmington the Pig Dubai 75 tickets now

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