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Week of Sharks Week of Sharks

Release Date: 21 Jul 2016

Expiry Date: 28 Jul 2016

#1 Date: 24 Jul 2016

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Week of Sharks Feat1000

« Well done completing this carnivorous collection! Be proud of your new 'Live every week like it's shark week!' Feat card! »

« Come join in a shark-like feeding frenzy and eat up the new cards from this quick-release set before it disappears from markets until next year! »

ArtistArt by CA Ronquillo

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Order  Order: Card points | Card name

Great White Great White
10000 points
Recipe Dorsal Fin Recipe + The Orca Recipe + Whale Shark Recipe Dorsal Fin The Orca Whale Shark
Whale Shark Whale Shark
8000 points
Recipe Blue Shark  + Dorsal Fin Recipe + Tiger Shark Recipe Blue Shark Dorsal Fin Tiger Shark
Tiger Shark Tiger Shark
6500 points
Recipe Angel Shark  + Hammerhead Recipe + Thresher Shark  Angel Shark Hammerhead Thresher Shark
The Orca The Orca
5000 points
Recipe Improbable Shark Movie  + Leopard Shark Recipe + Shark Cage  Improbable Shark Movie Leopard Shark Shark Cage
Leopard Shark Leopard Shark
3000 points
Recipe Pilot Fish  + Sawshark  + Wobbegong  Pilot Fish Sawshark Wobbegong
Hammerhead Hammerhead
2000 points
Recipe Angel Shark  + Sawshark  + Wobbegong  Angel Shark Sawshark Wobbegong
Dorsal Fin Dorsal Fin
1000 points
Recipe Blue Shark  + Improbable Shark Movie  + Shark Cage  Blue Shark Improbable Shark Movie Shark Cage
Thresher Shark Thresher Shark
900 points
Needed 4 needed
Improbable Shark Movie Improbable Shark Movie
800 points
Needed 7 needed
Shark Cage Shark Cage
700 points
Needed 7 needed
Sawshark Sawshark
550 points
Needed 8 needed
Pilot Fish Pilot Fish
400 points
Needed 4 needed
Wobbegong Wobbegong
300 points
Needed 8 needed
Blue Shark Blue Shark
200 points
Needed 7 needed
Angel Shark Angel Shark
100 points
Needed 8 needed


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