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A Day in the Life of Santa A Day in the Life of Santa

Release Date: 30 Nov 2022

Expiry Date: 02 Feb 2023

#1 Date: 06 Dec 2022

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Estimated cost:ϕ610 tickets



A Day in the Life of Santa Feat1000

« Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays, SantaRat! All of December's hard work has paid off in another successful December 24 performance: the children are happy, the adults are at peace, and you can finally relax, enjoy some cookies and milk, and have a restful holiday nap! »

« A lot of hard work and time goes into preparing for Santa's "big performance" on Christmas Eve, from sled maintenance to cookie inspection to checking his naughty and nice list (at least twice)! Take a peek into the Claus household to see all that goes on behind the scenes to get ready for their most important night of the year! »

ArtistArt by Davor Ratkovic

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Order  Order: Card points | Card name

Reading in Bed Reading in Bed
6500 points
Recipe - Cost: 200 tickets Test Flight Recipe + Claus Household Recipe + Gift Delivery  Test Flight Claus Household Gift Delivery
Claus Household Claus Household
5000 points
Recipe - Cost: 95 tickets Brushing Teeth Recipe + Chimney Measurements Premium Ticket Markets + Best Buds Recipe Brushing Teeth Chimney Measurements Best Buds
Brushing Teeth Brushing Teeth
3500 points
Recipe - Cost: 15 tickets Cookie Inspection  + Gift Wrapping Recipe + Tea With Mrs. Claus  Cookie Inspection Gift Wrapping Tea With Mrs. Claus
Test Flight Test Flight
2500 points
Recipe - Cost: 105 tickets 2 x Feeding Rudolph  + Decorating the Tree Recipe Feeding Rudolph Feeding Rudolph Decorating the Tree
Best Buds Best Buds
1500 points
Recipe - Cost: 60 tickets Cookie Inspection  + 2 x Picture Wreath  Cookie Inspection Picture Wreath Picture Wreath
Gift Wrapping Gift Wrapping
1250 points
Recipe Checking the List  + Gift Delivery  + Sled Repairs  Checking the List Gift Delivery Sled Repairs
Decorating the Tree Decorating the Tree
1000 points
Recipe - Cost: 35 tickets Chimney Measurements Premium Ticket Markets + Sled Repairs  + Tea With Mrs. Claus  Chimney Measurements Sled Repairs Tea With Mrs. Claus
Picture Wreath Picture Wreath
900 points
Needed 7 needed
Gift Delivery Gift Delivery
800 points
Needed 6 needed
Cookie Inspection Cookie Inspection
700 points
Needed 7 needed
Checking the List Checking the List
600 points
Needed 5 needed
Sled Repairs Sled Repairs
500 points
Needed 8 needed
Tea With Mrs. Claus Tea With Mrs. Claus
400 points
Needed 7 needed
Chimney Measurements Chimney Measurements
300 points
Premium Ticket Markets 20 tickets in Dubai
Needed 6 needed
Feeding Rudolph Feeding Rudolph
150 points
Needed 5 needed

ϕ Please note that if cards are not currently available in one of the markets then the current collection cost will only reflect those that are, and thus may not be accurate.


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