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600th 600th

Release Date: 09 May 2018

Expiry Date: 09 Aug 2019

#1 Date: 20 Jul 2018

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Estimated cost:ϕ1890 tickets



600th Feat1000

« A huge congratulations to you! You just completed the third PackRat 'super-set'! Enjoy the tickets from your Feat bonus--here's to the next 100 sets! »

« RAts git a bad rap--we soo meen, hav no hart, tayk only gud cards. NOt troo! We proov! 6o0 cllekshun iz heer buT dum deVs dont eaven knoe we stoled some of eech new card, skweek skweek! But, u wayt till collekshun finnished bef0r lo0ken fer cards :)

XoxO, Rats »

ArtistArt by CA Ronquillo

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Malaysia Malaysia
1957 points
Recipe - Cost: 220 tickets Year Of The Primate Orangutan Recipe + Our Rainforests Canopy Recipe + Welcome, 2018! Malaysia Standard Markets Year Of The Primate - Orangutan Our Rainforests - Canopy Welcome, 2018! - Malaysia
Finland Finland
1917 points
Recipe North Pole Industries Santa Claus Standard Markets + Coffee House Iced Coffee Recipe + Arctic Circle Aurora Borealis Recipe North Pole Industries - Santa Claus Coffee House - Iced Coffee Arctic Circle - Aurora Borealis
The Philippines The Philippines
1898 points
Recipe Philately Ph Recipe + Year Of The Primate Tarsier Standard Markets + Wheel Appeal Jurassic 4x4 Standard Markets Philately - Ph Year Of The Primate - Tarsier Wheel Appeal - Jurassic 4x4
Germany Germany
1871 points
Recipe - Cost: 60 tickets Celebrate Gowalla Brandenburg Gate Premium Ticket Markets + Car Wash Sports Car Recipe + Oktoberfest Prost! Recipe Celebrate Gowalla - Brandenburg Gate Car Wash - Sports Car Oktoberfest - Prost!
Canada Canada
1867 points
Recipe - Cost: 70 tickets Canada Day Mortimer Mountie Recipe + Flight Of The Monarch Adieu Toronto Recipe + On The Ice Hockey Net Recipe Canada Day - Mortimer Mountie Flight Of The Monarch - Adieu Toronto On The Ice - Hockey Net
New Zealand New Zealand
1840 points
Recipe - Cost: 330 tickets Subterranean Kingdom Dwarven Warrior Standard Markets + Hightail Zoo 2 Dug the Kiwi Premium Ticket Markets + Scientific Minds Rutherford Recipe Subterranean Kingdom - Dwarven Warrior Hightail Zoo 2 - Dug the Kiwi Scientific Minds - Rutherford
Brazil Brazil
1822 points
Recipe - Cost: 340 tickets PackRat Football Club Diving Save Recipe + Seven Modern Wonders Christ the Redeemer, Brazil Premium Ticket Markets + Colorful Festivals Carnaval en Rio Recipe PackRat Football Club - Diving Save Seven Modern Wonders - Christ the Redeemer, Brazil Colorful Festivals - Carnaval en Rio
Mexico Mexico
1810 points
Recipe - Cost: 130 tickets Celebrate Gowalla Chichen Itza Recipe + The Mayans Jaguar Recipe + Cinco De Mayo Bandera de México Recipe Celebrate Gowalla - Chichen Itza The Mayans - Jaguar Cinco De Mayo - Bandera de México
The United Kingdom The United Kingdom
1801 points
Recipe - Cost: 135 tickets Merry Ole England Queen's Guard Recipe + Scientific Minds Newton Recipe + Sail On, Ye Stately Ships! South Stack Lighthouse, Wales Recipe Merry Ole England - Queen's Guard Scientific Minds - Newton Sail On, Ye Stately Ships! - South Stack Lighthouse, Wales
France France
1789 points
Recipe Mardi Gras Fleur-de-lis Standard Markets + Vive la France Arc de Triomphe Recipe + Game, Set, Match French Open Recipe Mardi Gras - Fleur-de-lis Vive la France - Arc de Triomphe Game, Set, Match - French Open
Australia Australia
1788 points
Recipe Alphabet Soup K for Koala Recipe + Around The World The Great Barrier Recipe + Yule Down Under Chilling Out Recipe Alphabet Soup - K for Koala Around The World - The Great Barrier Yule Down Under - Chilling Out
1776 points
Recipe - Cost: 310 tickets Independence Day, 2nd Ed. Bald Eagle Recipe + Life of Pie American Pie Recipe + Red, White, and Blue Independence Day Parade Recipe Independence Day, 2nd Ed. - Bald Eagle Life of Pie - American Pie Red, White, and Blue - Independence Day Parade
The Netherlands The Netherlands
1581 points
Recipe - Cost: 160 tickets High-Maintenance Movie Star Tulips Premium Ticket Markets + Dutch Treat Gezelligheid Recipe + Mini Golf Whirling Windmill Recipe High-Maintenance Movie Star - Tulips Dutch Treat - Gezelligheid Mini Golf - Whirling Windmill
Sweden Sweden
1523 points
Recipe - Cost: 110 tickets Green Scene Reduce, Reuse, Recycle Recipe + Voyage of the Vikings Viking Realm Recipe + Party Mix The DJ Recipe Green Scene - Reduce, Reuse, Recycle Voyage of the Vikings - Viking Realm Party Mix - The DJ
Spain Spain
1492 points
Recipe - Cost: 25 tickets Ingenious Gentleman The Duo Recipe + Reptiles & Amphibians Iberian Emerald Lizard Recipe + Bold Lines City of Arts and Sciences (ES) Recipe Ingenious Gentleman - The Duo Reptiles & Amphibians - Iberian Emerald Lizard Bold Lines - City of Arts and Sciences (ES)

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Pride And Prejudice Sun 26 May 24
Release type: Premium Ticket Markets Literary Classics Pride And Prejudice (100)

Black-Knobbed Map Turtle Sun 26 May 24
Release type: Premium Ticket Markets Reptiles & Amphibians Black-Knobbed Map Turtle (900)

Solemn Lemons Sun 26 May 24
Release type: Premium Ticket Markets Anagrams Solemn Lemons (600)

The Marx Sun 26 May 24
Release type: Premium Ticket Markets Ratstaches The Marx (700)

i kin hang 2 Sun 26 May 24
Release type: Premium Ticket Markets If I Fits, I Sits i kin hang 2 (300)

Duck Watcher Sun 26 May 24
Release type: Premium Ticket Markets Retired Predators Duck Watcher (200)

Boxed Bat Sun 26 May 24
Release type: Premium Ticket Markets A Boxful of Surprises Boxed Bat (150)

Cabrit's Murex Shell Sun 26 May 24
Release type: Premium Ticket Markets Seashells by the Seashore Cabrit's Murex Shell (300)

Pu Sun 26 May 24
Release type: Premium Ticket Markets Luau Pu (550)

Lemonfin Sun 26 May 24
Release type: Premium Ticket Markets Fruit Critters Lemonfin (700)

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