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400th 400th

Release Date: 09 Nov 2015

Expiry Date: 03 Mar 2017

#1 Date: 29 Jan 2016

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Estimated cost:ϕ3280 tickets



400th Feat1000

« Well done on completing one of the most challenging and difficult sets in all of PackRat! »

« Devs say 2 uS:

'RAts, u mayk spesHal collekshun foOr 4o0, an u mayk it veri phUn anD gouD!'

So we maYk u Veri SPeSHAL collEKshun!
Veri phun... 4 US!! U NEVR FINnISh!


Luv, Rats XOxoX »

ArtistArt by CA Ronquillo

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Order  Order: Card points | Card name

Leopardless Leopardless
10000 points
Recipe - Cost: 340 tickets Safari Kingdom King of Beasts Premium Ticket Markets + Rats Go Bananas Faux Feat Leopard Rat Recipe + The Red List Snow Leopard Recipe Safari Kingdom - King of Beasts Rats Go Bananas - Faux Feat Leopard Rat The Red List - Snow Leopard
Hoarder Hoarder
5000 points
Recipe - Cost: 320 tickets Subterranean Kingdom Hoarded Treasure Premium Ticket Markets + High Seas Rivalry Treasure Chest Premium Ticket Markets + The Razor's Plunder Treasure Cave Recipe Subterranean Kingdom - Hoarded Treasure High Seas Rivalry - Treasure Chest The Razor's Plunder - Treasure Cave
Co-Op Co-Op
3500 points
Recipe - Cost: 30 tickets Pee Wee Thanksgiving Friendship Standard Markets + Peaceful Afternoon Letter to a Friend Standard Markets + Party Mix Calling Friends Recipe Pee Wee Thanksgiving - Friendship Peaceful Afternoon - Letter to a Friend Party Mix - Calling Friends
Perfect Vaulter Perfect Vaulter
2500 points
Recipe - Cost: 605 tickets Rat Pack The Vault Recipe + Breaking News Empty Vault Recipe + 300th Vault Recipe Rat Pack - The Vault Breaking News - Empty Vault 300th - Vault
Pack Pet Owner Pack Pet Owner
2000 points
Recipe - Cost: 335 tickets Best in Show Pet House Recipe + Nineties Child Virtual Pet Standard Markets + Mall Sprawl Pet Store Recipe Best in Show - Pet House Nineties Child - Virtual Pet Mall Sprawl - Pet Store
Noob Noob
1500 points
Recipe 3 x Peanut Butter Jelly Time! Glass of Milk Standard Markets Peanut Butter Jelly Time! - Glass of Milk Peanut Butter Jelly Time! - Glass of Milk Peanut Butter Jelly Time! - Glass of Milk
Auctioneer Auctioneer
1000 points
Recipe - Cost: 100 tickets Oligopoly Play Money Recipe + Gone Antiquing First Edition Recipe + Busk Stop Collection Hat Premium Ticket Markets Oligopoly - Play Money Gone Antiquing - First Edition Busk Stop - Collection Hat
Number Collector Number Collector
900 points
Recipe - Cost: 320 tickets Supermassive Black Hole Planet Number 9 Premium Ticket Markets + Yard Sale Vinyl Collection Premium Ticket Markets + Runner's High Entry Number Standard Markets Supermassive Black Hole - Planet Number 9 Yard Sale - Vinyl Collection Runner's High - Entry Number
Hermit Hermit
750 points
Recipe - Cost: 80 tickets You Are Awesome! Hide Recipe + Super Smilies Secretive Recipe + The Hills are Alive Hideout Recipe You Are Awesome! - Hide Super Smilies - Secretive The Hills are Alive - Hideout
Foiler Foiler
600 points
Recipe - Cost: 165 tickets 3 x Cinderatta Fairy Godmother Premium Ticket Markets Cinderatta - Fairy Godmother Cinderatta - Fairy Godmother Cinderatta - Fairy Godmother
Flipper Flipper
500 points
Recipe - Cost: 65 tickets Freeriders Flip Recipe + Extra Value Meal Burger Flipper Standard Markets + Play Pinball Flipper Standard Markets Freeriders - Flip Extra Value Meal - Burger Flipper Play Pinball - Flipper
400 points
Recipe - Cost: 390 tickets Quilting Bee Oink Standard Markets + Super Marionettes Meowser Recipe + Here Be Dragons Dragon Egg Recipe Quilting Bee - Oink Super Marionettes - Meowser Here Be Dragons - Dragon Egg
Contest Giver Contest Giver
300 points
Recipe - Cost: 65 tickets Green Scene Research Premium Ticket Markets + PackRat: The Board Game Game In Progress Recipe + Come Snail Away Chef Pierre, the Contest Host Recipe Green Scene - Research PackRat: The Board Game - Game In Progress Come Snail Away - Chef Pierre, the Contest Host
Catcher Upper Catcher Upper
200 points
Recipe - Cost: 400 tickets 7th Inning Stretch Catcher Recipe + Froggy Gone Fishing Record Catch Recipe + Lepidoptera a Go-Go Catch and Release Recipe 7th Inning Stretch - Catcher Froggy Gone Fishing - Record Catch Lepidoptera a Go-Go - Catch and Release
Blinger Blinger
100 points
Recipe - Cost: 65 tickets Precious Stones Anniversary Ring Recipe + 300th Blinged Standard Markets + Underground Trolls Blinged Out Troll Premium Ticket Markets Precious Stones - Anniversary Ring 300th - Blinged Underground Trolls - Blinged Out Troll

ϕ Please note that if cards are not currently available in one of the markets then the current collection cost will only reflect those that are, and thus may not be accurate.

* See the related collection page for other cards and recipes not included in this collection.


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