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Card Market Price Tracked   Card Market Price Tracked
Abeeku the Monkey Hightail Zoo Abeeku the Monkey Dubai 60 tickets 2 hrs ago   Consumer Camera Hightail Zoo Consumer Camera Dubai 60 tickets 11 mins ago
Daimon the Koala Hightail Zoo Daimon the Koala Dubai 85 tickets within the hour   Daw the Gecko Hightail Zoo Daw the Gecko Dubai 115 tickets 11 mins ago
Isha the Boa Constrictor Hightail Zoo Isha the Boa Constrictor Dubai 175 tickets 2 hrs ago   Kai the Dolphin Hightail Zoo Kai the Dolphin Dubai 200 tickets 2 hrs ago
Khatiti the Elephant Hightail Zoo Khatiti the Elephant Dubai 125 tickets 1 hr ago   Lemon Slush Hightail Zoo Lemon Slush Dubai 75 tickets 1 hr ago
Nayak the Camel Hightail Zoo Nayak the Camel Dubai 100 tickets within the hour   Nilak the Penguin Hightail Zoo Nilak the Penguin Dubai 85 tickets within the hour
Nukka the Seal Hightail Zoo Nukka the Seal Dubai 60 tickets within the hour   Popcorn Machine Hightail Zoo Popcorn Machine Dubai 125 tickets 13 mins ago
Roosevelt the Bear Hightail Zoo Roosevelt the Bear Dubai 100 tickets within the hour   Tau the Lion Hightail Zoo Tau the Lion Dubai 175 tickets 2 hrs ago
Ulan the Zebra Hightail Zoo Ulan the Zebra Dubai 75 tickets 11 mins ago   Yobachi the Meerkat Hightail Zoo Yobachi the Meerkat Dubai 95 tickets 11 mins ago
Zoo Map Hightail Zoo Zoo Map Dubai 65 tickets 2 hrs ago   Zookeeper Herb Hightail Zoo Zookeeper Herb Dubai 85 tickets today

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