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Card Market Price Tracked   Card Market Price Tracked
Gilled Creature Heebie-Jeebies Gilled Creature Austin 400 credits now   Unus Roman Numerals Unus New York 100 credits now
Hornbeam Hoist Down To Earth Hornbeam Hoist New York 275 credits now   Spider Spooky Cookie Spider New York 450 credits now
Flying Witch Jack-O'-Lanterns Flying Witch Austin 500 credits now   Okobo Women Of Art Okobo New York 475 credits 2 mins ago
Fungal Staircase Down To Earth Fungal Staircase New York 200 credits now   Otherworldly Visitor Heebie-Jeebies Otherworldly Visitor Singapore 450 credits 1 min ago
Takamakura Women Of Art Takamakura Singapore 400 credits now   Vampire Bat Spooky Cookie Vampire Bat Austin 500 credits 2 mins ago
Nutty Toppings Sugar Bowls Nutty Toppings New York 250 credits now   Duo Roman Numerals Duo New York 125 credits 1 min ago
Prosperity and Good Fortune Diwali Prosperity and Good Fortune New York 325 credits 2 mins ago   Colored Salts Diwali Colored Salts Austin 100 credits 1 min ago
Raisins Sugar Bowls Raisins Austin 200 credits 2 mins ago   Watermelon Wendy House Hunting Watermelon Wendy Austin 375 credits 3 mins ago
Lord Ganesha Diwali Lord Ganesha Singapore 200 credits 1 min ago   Tachikata Women Of Art Tachikata New York 500 credits 2 mins ago
Nondairy Options Sugar Bowls Nondairy Options New York 100 credits 4 mins ago   Dairy Milk Sugar Bowls Dairy Milk Austin 300 credits 1 min ago

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