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Card Market Price Tracked   Card Market Price Tracked
Ionic Column Greek Gods and Goddesses Ionic Column Austin 200 credits now   Surf's Up! Beat The Heat, Rex! Surf's Up! Austin 400 credits 5 mins ago
Turtle Portal Secret Passages Turtle Portal New York 500 credits 1 min ago   Moth Anasazi Art Moth Austin 600 credits now
Horned Toad Anasazi Art Horned Toad Singapore 400 credits 2 mins ago   Wise Owl Greek Gods and Goddesses Wise Owl New York 300 credits 2 mins ago
Teardrop Amethyst Gemstone Fairies Teardrop Amethyst New York 500 credits now   Prairie Dog Anasazi Art Prairie Dog New York 700 credits now
Shawshank Poster Secret Passages Shawshank Poster Austin 475 credits now   The Emperor's New Clothes Hans Christian Andersen The Emperor's New Clothes Singapore 200 credits now
Awe Emotional Baggage Awe New York 500 credits now   Burek The Balkans Burek New York 100 credits 4 mins ago
Abyssinian Curious Cats Abyssinian Austin 100 credits 3 mins ago   Antelope Anasazi Art Antelope Austin 100 credits 1 min ago
The Red Shoes Hans Christian Andersen The Red Shoes New York 300 credits now   Thumbelina Hans Christian Andersen Thumbelina Austin 375 credits 4 mins ago
Pronghorn Anasazi Art Pronghorn Singapore 800 credits 4 mins ago   Butterfly Anasazi Art Butterfly New York 300 credits 1 min ago
The Shepherdess Hans Christian Andersen The Shepherdess Singapore 350 credits 2 mins ago   Taco caT Palindromes Taco caT New York 425 credits 1 min ago

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