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Card Market Price Tracked   Card Market Price Tracked
Watermill Going Around In Circles Watermill New York 150 credits now   Globe Going Around In Circles Globe Austin 100 credits 1 min ago
Newspaper Narrative The Master of Suspense Newspaper Narrative Austin 400 credits now   Cobb's Totem Going Around In Circles Cobb's Totem Singapore 250 credits 1 min ago
The Great Tsarina Herstory The Great Tsarina Austin 150 credits 1 min ago   Reggae Music Genres Reggae New York 400 credits now
Spider Pig Hog Wild Spider Pig New York 450 credits 1 min ago   Merry-Go-Round Going Around In Circles Merry-Go-Round Singapore 300 credits 1 min ago
Rim Lock Key Keys Rim Lock Key Singapore 450 credits 1 min ago   The Young Diarist Herstory The Young Diarist Austin 300 credits 2 mins ago
Claw Machine Games of Chance Claw Machine Austin 225 credits now   The Bird Woman Herstory The Bird Woman New York 375 credits 1 min ago
Innocent Hero The Master of Suspense Innocent Hero New York 450 credits now   Bunny Gacha Games of Chance Bunny Gacha Singapore 325 credits 1 min ago
Jazz Music Genres Jazz Austin 500 credits 3 mins ago   Slots Games of Chance Slots New York 100 credits now
That'll Do Pig Hog Wild That'll Do Pig Singapore 500 credits 2 mins ago   The Queen Of The Waves Herstory The Queen Of The Waves Austin 200 credits now
The Warrior Worth A Thousand Herstory The Warrior Worth A Thousand Singapore 250 credits 2 mins ago   Mademoiselle Coco Herstory Mademoiselle Coco New York 100 credits now

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