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Card Market Price Tracked   Card Market Price Tracked
Aqualung Undersea Odyssey Aqualung Santa Monica 150 credits this fortnight   Chipper Chocolate Chips Monstrous Cupcakes Chipper Chocolate Chips Venice 100 credits this fortnight
Sonarscope Undersea Odyssey Sonarscope Santa Monica 375 credits this fortnight   Festive Banderitas Colorful Festivals Festive Banderitas Venice 150 credits this fortnight
Splash of Colors Colorful Festivals Splash of Colors Santa Monica 275 credits this fortnight   Unplayable Playlad Forgotten Toys Unplayable Playlad Santa Monica 150 credits this week
Busy Season Middle School Years Busy Season Santa Monica 100 credits this week   Anglerfish Undersea Odyssey Anglerfish Venice 100 credits this week
California Maki Orange You Glad California Maki Venice 150 credits this week   Observant Eggbeater Monstrous Cupcakes Observant Eggbeater Rio De Janeiro 375 credits 3 days ago
Cups Without Cake Monstrous Cupcakes Cups Without Cake Rio De Janeiro 200 credits 3 days ago    

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