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Card Market Price Tracked   Card Market Price Tracked
Topsy-Turvy Cake Impossible Desserts Topsy-Turvy Cake Rio De Janeiro 200 credits now   Turquoise Jewelry The American Southwest Turquoise Jewelry Venice 300 credits now
Edible Balloon Impossible Desserts Edible Balloon Rio De Janeiro 400 credits now   Boxing Piranha Fish Aquatic Aliens Boxing Piranha Fish Santa Monica 100 credits now
Cherry Gelatin Impossible Desserts Cherry Gelatin Venice 150 credits now   Belgrade Serbia Belgrade Rio De Janeiro 125 credits now
Baseball Outfield Checkered Baseball Outfield Santa Monica 500 credits now   2 Tone Checkered 2 Tone Rio De Janeiro 400 credits now
Chequered Lily Checkered Chequered Lily Venice 350 credits now   Gingham Altar Checkered Gingham Altar Rio De Janeiro 225 credits 1 min ago
Faithful Bird of Paradise The Language of Flowers Faithful Bird of Paradise Rio De Janeiro 250 credits now   Casa Vicens Checkered Casa Vicens Venice 450 credits now
Clear Jelly Gup Aquatic Aliens Clear Jelly Gup Rio De Janeiro 150 credits 1 min ago   Spartan Cheerleaders Raturday Night Live Spartan Cheerleaders Rio De Janeiro 325 credits now
The Fool April Fools' Day The Fool Santa Monica 500 credits now   Known Liar April Fools' Day Known Liar Rio De Janeiro 375 credits 4 mins ago

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