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Frequently Asked Questions

Why can't I create Packrat MOO Stickers any more?

As of 10th June 2011, Gowalla withdrew their previously given permission for me to allow you to create MOO Stickers with Packrat images on them.

Hi-res images

Unfortunately, Packrat have stopped doing the hi-res versions of cards, this means that there will be no hi-res MOO Stickers available for the cards after the Rat Kong launch (21st May 2009 - the final collection was Land Down Under) - unless those cards are on Gowalla or have been posted larger by the artist. See what this means here.

What are MOO Stickers?

MOO stickers are rounded square stickers which are printed by a UK company called MOO (, they have an API which I've used to allow people to create Sticker books with Packrat cards on them.

What is Packrat?

PackRat is a game, created by the awesome people over at Hookbang. It's a social game built on the Facebook Platform. Players collect virtual cards and put them in their vault before their friends steal them. You can also follow the Packrat Tracker Twitter feed, which has regular news updates about card releases, etc.

How much do the Stickerbooks cost?

The prices are set by MOO, but a Stickerbook currently costs £4.29/€5.89/$9.99 + VAT (ex-US) + postage (delivery to all countries). More information about prices, including bulk discounts, can be found at

What about delivery costs?

Again, prices are set by MOO. They are for global postage, and for Stickerbooks standard delivery is £2.00/€1.75/$2.50 + VAT (ex-US). (Express is more). For more information about delivery, including bulk discounts, see

How many Stickers can I have?

You get 90 stickers in a pack, which means you can select up to 90 images to print. If you select less than 90 you will get multiples of some images (though at this time you cannot choose which).

Can I get a discount?

Occasionally I will obtain a discount code from MOO which can be used for money off a Stickerbook. If this is the case, the code will be available on the basket page until it expires.

What do they look like?

See photos tagged with "packratmoo" Or browse the Packrat MOO Flickr Group for examples. If you do order and upload photos to Flickr, please do the same.


The images from Packrat are used with permission from Gowalla.

MOO stickerbooks contain 90 rounded square stickers, printed by a UK company called MOO.

£4.29/€6.89/$9.99 + Tax + postage

See photos tagged with "packratmoo" OR browse the Packrat MOO Flickr Group.