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800th 800th

Release Date: 17 Feb 2021

Expiry Date: 11 Nov 2022

#1 Date: 12 May 2021

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Estimated cost:ϕ1605 tickets



800th Feat1000

« Congratulations, completing this set is no small Feat! We thank you for the hard work and patience required to complete this set--here's an achievement to commemorate the job well done! »

« Rescued from near-death in 2012 by HookBang, PackRat celebrated its 13th anniversary in January and is ready to celebrate another milestone: the 800th collection! Featuring some of many team members, past and present, who have been integral in improving and keeping PackRat alive and running these past 9 years, the cards in this set will be published one at a time! »

ArtistArt by CA Ronquillo

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Colonel Custard Colonel Custard
100 points
Recipe Extra Value Meal, 2nd Ed. Regular Cheeseburger Recipe + Runner's High Running Shoes Standard Markets + First In Space Space Shuttle Recipe Extra Value Meal, 2nd Ed. - Regular Cheeseburger Runner's High - Running Shoes First In Space - Space Shuttle
Frank Frank
10000 points
Recipe - Cost: 65 tickets The Summit Two Person Tent Recipe + Deep Space Ace Traveler Recipe + The Adventurer's Beginner Pack Well-Worn Pack Recipe The Summit - Two Person Tent Deep Space Ace - Traveler The Adventurer's Beginner Pack - Well-Worn Pack
7500 points
Recipe - Cost: 75 tickets Ink Wars Sacred Heart Standard Markets + Emerald Isle Irish Flag Premium Ticket Markets + Symphony Orchestra Baby Grand Piano Standard Markets Ink Wars - Sacred Heart Emerald Isle - Irish Flag Symphony Orchestra - Baby Grand Piano
200 points
Recipe - Cost: 60 tickets Oh the Places You Will Go Skate Park Standard Markets + Pigs Wigs Guitar Pick Standard Markets + A Gift For Dad Punching Bag Recipe Oh the Places You Will Go - Skate Park Pigs Wigs - Guitar Pick A Gift For Dad - Punching Bag
Kid Rob Kid Rob
400 points
Recipe - Cost: 155 tickets Team Cherry Rats Board Game Rat Premium Ticket Markets + Rock Gods God Of Thunder Recipe + The Winning Curve Touchdown Pass Premium Ticket Markets Team Cherry Rats - Board Game Rat Rock Gods - God Of Thunder The Winning Curve - Touchdown Pass
700 points
Recipe - Cost: 110 tickets Forest Friends, 2nd Ed. Bear Cubs Recipe + Beer And Skittles Colleagues Standard Markets + Music Fest Stage Design Recipe Forest Friends, 2nd Ed. - Bear Cubs Beer And Skittles - Colleagues Music Fest - Stage Design
Nitro Nitro
5000 points
Recipe - Cost: 140 tickets A Hike Through National Parks Acadia (ME) Premium Ticket Markets + Alpine Holiday Fresh Powder Recipe + Wheel Masters Mountain Biker Recipe A Hike Through National Parks - Acadia (ME) Alpine Holiday - Fresh Powder Wheel Masters - Mountain Biker
PackRat 2021 PackRat 2021
2021 points
Recipe - Cost: 65 tickets Hang in There Wall of Goals Recipe + Novelty Shop Foil Balloon Standard Markets + PackRat's New Look! Vault Recipe Hang in There - Wall of Goals Novelty Shop - Foil Balloon PackRat's New Look! - Vault
1000 points
Recipe - Cost: 100 tickets Frightmare Mansion Skull and Raven Recipe + Rock Gods Roll With It Recipe + Ren Faire Broadsword Recipe Frightmare Mansion - Skull and Raven Rock Gods - Roll With It Ren Faire - Broadsword
4000 points
Recipe - Cost: 110 tickets Eighties Child Mushroom Kingdom Standard Markets + Super Championship Game Tailgate Recipe + Man Cave Arcade Game Recipe Eighties Child - Mushroom Kingdom Super Championship Game - Tailgate Man Cave - Arcade Game
The Bug Whisperer The Bug Whisperer
300 points
Recipe Backyard BBQ The Grill Recipe + Blackout Board Game Standard Markets + Curious Cats British Shorthair Recipe Backyard BBQ - The Grill Blackout - Board Game Curious Cats - British Shorthair
The Code Master The Code Master
3000 points
Recipe - Cost: 560 tickets May The 4th Be With You Darth Chocolate Recipe + Mythological Creatures Phoenix Recipe + A Slice of 'Za Classic Pepperoni Standard Markets May The 4th Be With You - Darth Chocolate Mythological Creatures - Phoenix A Slice of 'Za - Classic Pepperoni
The Machine The Machine
6000 points
Recipe - Cost: 75 tickets Games of Summer Fencing Premium Ticket Markets + Madness In March Team Mascot Recipe + Adventuring Backcountry Backpack Standard Markets Games of Summer - Fencing Madness In March - Team Mascot Adventuring - Backcountry Backpack
The OG The OG
900 points
Recipe - Cost: 70 tickets Deep Space Ace Computer Intelligence Standard Markets + A Hike Through National Parks Rocky Mountain (CO) Standard Markets + Formidable Felines Jaguar Recipe Deep Space Ace - Computer Intelligence A Hike Through National Parks - Rocky Mountain (CO) Formidable Felines - Jaguar
The Program Man The Program Man
500 points
Recipe - Cost: 20 tickets Music Genres Electronic Standard Markets + Spellbooks Missing Pages Standard Markets + Desk Pets Hedgehog Pencil Holder Recipe Music Genres - Electronic Spellbooks - Missing Pages Desk Pets - Hedgehog Pencil Holder

ϕ Please note that if cards are not currently available in one of the markets then the current collection cost will only reflect those that are, and thus may not be accurate.

* See the related collection page for other cards and recipes not included in this collection.


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