Party Pug
Year Of The Dog

Collection Year Of The Dog

Card type Retired

Release date 08 Feb 2018


You will need 7 copies of this card to complete the collection.


15 tickets in Dubai 06:06 GMT on 16 Jun 2019


Proud Chow Chow = Glutted Bulldog Premium Ticket Markets + 2 x Party Pug Premium Ticket Markets

Proper Poodle = Proud Chow Chow Recipe + Patient Golden Retriever Premium Ticket Markets + Shih Tzu Celebration Premium Ticket Markets

Carefree Black Lab = Sporty Doberman Recipe + Regal German Shepherd Premium Ticket Markets + Proper Poodle Recipe


150 credits in Santa Monica 10 Apr 2018

150 credits in Singapore 10 Apr 2018

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