The Strip
Rat Pack

Collection Rat Pack

Card type Recipe (Premium)

Release date 13 May 2008


You will need to make 4 copies of this card to complete the collection.


460 tickets


Wedding Chapel = Dice Premium Ticket Markets + Stretch Limo Premium Ticket Markets + Lounge Singer Premium Ticket Markets

Casino = Dice Premium Ticket Markets + Roulette Wheel Premium Ticket Markets + Slot Machine Premium Ticket Markets

The Strip = Casino Recipe + Fountain Premium Ticket Markets + Wedding Chapel Recipe

Jackpot = 2 x $100 Chip Recipe + The Strip Recipe

Vegas, Baby! = Million Dollar Diva Recipe + Elvis Impersonator Recipe + The Strip Recipe

500th Las Vegas = Vegas, Baby! Recipe + Zombie Pop Stars Stunner Shades Standard Markets + Block Man and Robbin Sack of Cash Recipe


50 tickets in Portofino 30 Sep 2009

50 tickets in Scottsdale 23 Sep 2009

Price data from 27th May 2009 onwards. Any errors?