Ninja Cat
Purrfect Spy Agency

Collection Purrfect Spy Agency

Card type Recipe (Premium)

Release date 12 Jul 2010


You will need to make 2 copies of this card to complete the collection.


445 tickets


Cat Tower = Dogs of War Electrified Scratching Post Premium Ticket Markets + Hover Kennel Premium Ticket Markets + Kopter Kitty Recipe

Kopter Kitty = Dogs of War Chew Laser Premium Ticket Markets + Night Vision Goggles Premium Ticket Markets + Suction Cup Gloves Premium Ticket Markets

Ninja Cat = Dogs of War Paratrooper Rat Premium Ticket Markets + Det. Sneaky Cat Premium Ticket Markets + Cat Tower Recipe

Dogs of War Rocket Dog = Dogs of War Doghouse Lair Recipe + Hover Kennel Premium Ticket Markets + Ninja Cat Recipe