Ball Gown
Princess Party

Collection Princess Party

Card type Premium

Release date 08 Mar 2017


You will need 10 copies of this card to complete the collection.


25 tickets


25 tickets in Dubai 22:12 GMT


Cindy = Proper Comb Premium Ticket Markets + Glass Slipper Premium Ticket Markets + Ball Gown Premium Ticket Markets

Special Items The Jovial Princess = Clamshell Bed Premium Ticket Markets + Magic Lamp Premium Ticket Markets + Ball Gown Premium Ticket Markets

Jesminda = Cindy Recipe + Bejewelled Crown Recipe + Magic Lamp Premium Ticket Markets

Prince Party Henry = Cindy Recipe + 2 x Prince Party Clock Tower Premium Ticket Markets

Snow Blanc = Poisoned Apple Premium Ticket Markets + Jesminda Recipe + Lipstick Premium Ticket Markets

Prince Party Aladdin = Jesminda Recipe + 2 x Prince Party Magic Carpet Premium Ticket Markets

Aria = Lipstick Premium Ticket Markets + Clamshell Bed Premium Ticket Markets + Snow Blanc Recipe

Prince Party Ferdinand = Snow Blanc Recipe + 2 x Prince Party Crested Cap Premium Ticket Markets

Prince Party Eric = Aria Recipe + 2 x Prince Party Anchor Premium Ticket Markets


18 tickets in Dubai 23 Nov 2018

100 credits in New York 10 May 2017

100 credits in Venice 10 May 2017

Price data from 27th May 2009 onwards. Any errors?