Surfin' Slater
Jump the Shark

Collection Jump the Shark

Card type Recipe (Premium)

Release date 28 May 2008


You will need to make 5 copies of this card to complete the collection.


190 tickets


Surfin' Slater = Pair of Swimming Trunks Premium Ticket Markets + Pair of Designer Sunglasses Premium Ticket Markets + Wakeboard Premium Ticket Markets

Clothing Optional = Mojito Recipe + Surfin' Slater Recipe + Clarissa Recipe

Killer Wave = Wakeboard Premium Ticket Markets + Wetsuit Premium Ticket Markets + Surfin' Slater Recipe

500th Santa Monica = Surfin' Slater Recipe + Winston World Winston Wheel Recipe + Magical Mystery Tour Hippie Recipe

Jump the Shark = Mechanical Shark Premium Ticket Markets + Ski Boat Recipe + Killer Wave Recipe


25 tickets in Dubai 07 Jun 2009

Price data from 27th May 2009 onwards. Any errors?