Green Tea Latte
Drinking Buddies

Collection Drinking Buddies

Card type Premium

Release date 13 Sep 2017


You will need 6 copies of this card to complete the collection.


15 tickets


15 tickets in Dubai 09:12 GMT


Kiwi & Mint Mojito = Blackberry Mojito Premium Ticket Markets + Blood Orange Champagne Mule Premium Ticket Markets + Green Tea Latte Premium Ticket Markets

Cherry Piña Colada = Chocolate Ice Cream Float Premium Ticket Markets + Kiwi & Mint Mojito Recipe + Mango Coconut Daiqiri Premium Ticket Markets

Sunset Slushie = Strawberry Daiquiri Premium Ticket Markets + Cherry Piña Colada Recipe + Watermelon Lemonade Premium Ticket Markets

Blue Galaxy Cocktail = Cookies & Cream Nightcap Premium Ticket Markets + Dirty Martini Premium Ticket Markets + Sunset Slushie Recipe

Cold, Frothy Beer = Chocolate Ice Cream Float Premium Ticket Markets + Blue Galaxy Cocktail Recipe + Dirty Martini Premium Ticket Markets


11 tickets in Dubai 23 Nov 2018

200 credits in Singapore 11 Nov 2017

200 credits in Rio De Janeiro 11 Nov 2017

200 credits in Santa Monica 06 Nov 2017

Price data from 27th May 2009 onwards. Any errors?