Cherry Piña Colada
Drinking Buddies

Collection Drinking Buddies

Card type Recipe (Premium)

Release date 15 Sep 2017


You will need to make 4 copies of this card to complete the collection.


135 tickets


Kiwi & Mint Mojito = Blackberry Mojito Premium Ticket Markets + Blood Orange Champagne Mule Premium Ticket Markets + Green Tea Latte Premium Ticket Markets

Cherry Piña Colada = Chocolate Ice Cream Float Premium Ticket Markets + Kiwi & Mint Mojito Recipe + Mango Coconut Daiqiri Premium Ticket Markets

Sunset Slushie = Strawberry Daiquiri Premium Ticket Markets + Cherry Piña Colada Recipe + Watermelon Lemonade Premium Ticket Markets

Blue Galaxy Cocktail = Cookies & Cream Nightcap Premium Ticket Markets + Dirty Martini Premium Ticket Markets + Sunset Slushie Recipe

Cold, Frothy Beer = Chocolate Ice Cream Float Premium Ticket Markets + Blue Galaxy Cocktail Recipe + Dirty Martini Premium Ticket Markets