New Year Fireworks
Chinese New Year

Collection Chinese New Year

Card type Recipe (Retired)

Release date 09 Jan 2009


You will need to make 4 copies of this card to complete the collection.


New Year Fireworks = Red Packet Premium Ticket Markets + Bamboo Premium Ticket Markets + Lantern Premium Ticket Markets

Chinese Dragon = New Year Fireworks Recipe + Chinese Koi Premium Ticket Markets + Red Silk Robe Premium Ticket Markets

Good Luck = Candy Box Recipe + Chinese Dragon Recipe + Chinese Lion Recipe

500th Beijing = Games of Summer Great Wall Premium Ticket Markets + Chinese Dragon Recipe + Hightail Zoo, 2nd Ed. Mei-Zhen the Panda Recipe


10 tickets in Portofino 02 Jul 2010

50 tickets in Beijing 21 Mar 2010

Price data from 27th May 2009 onwards. Any errors?